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About Ian

Ian Varney completed his Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at LaTrobe Street College of Art and New Media in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Prior to this he was a Toronto based Family Physician for 23 years. Ian is a citizen of both Australia and Canada. He currently resides in Toronto, and also in Minden Hills (Haliburton Highlands cottage country) where his studio is located.

About the Work

Until recently my work has focused on the silent geometry and molecular consistency that remains hidden from our eyes when viewing the landscape. Hidden patterns and grid works are incorporated within my paintings to  accomplish this. 

The current body of work seeks to capture the opposite essence of the landscape, namely, the constant change, movement and fluidity. 

The inspiration is the Haliburton County, with its many lakes and forests. This is "Cottage Country”,  north of Toronto. It is also the location of my art studio.


Galleries & Exhibitions

Where you can find Ian’s work:

The Artist Project 2019, Toronto
Feb 21 -24, 2019 Booth #629

Canvas Gallery, Toronto

Koyman Galleries, Ottawa

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